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[mythical detective loki] [oneshot] Crystalline

Title - Crystalline
Fandom - Mythical Detective Loki (aka Matantei Loki Ragnarok)
Rating - G
Summary - "How much longer do you have to live?"
Notes - Old, but still a favourite piece of mine. Loki-introspective piece

-because time is precious, but you never knew how precious it was-



When the moment passes, you realize what you have missed. So in desperation, you try to recover that lost moment in your life. However, time passes and you cannot go back. And it hurts, unbearably so, but you always remember that you cannot go back.


She rests her soft head on your lap and you put your warm hands on her head and gently thread them into her hair. She is smiling, something so alien to you yet so beautiful. She snuggles closer, as if to take away the precious warmth that you are sharing with her. And the seconds become minutes and the minutes become hours. You know what time means to the gods, so the loss of time hits you very hard.


You remember that you had so much time on your hands and here, in this crude sweet world, the time slips through your finger finer than any amount of sand. And it trickles into a pile onto your feet and you stare at it and you wish for the hundredth time that you were back in the world from whence you came.


She is still smiling and she is fading. She could not survive long enough, this woman who rules the underworld. She had been twisted by Odin and now that she had been untangled, she would return from whence she came and be lonely once more. A loneliness he could not save her from because he never understood how precious time was.


So when she has become mere yellow wisps mingling with the summer air and you look at yourself, wondering where you had gone wrong. Because you had ideals you said you would uphold, even when your world has turned upside down and you live by humanity’s morals. You thought you would still retain the purity of the gods, but all you can feel is the taint of the gods on your lips and you start crying again.


When the time came for you to return and you saw your life was over. You had a decision to make and you had to make it fast, because the time was slipping past you once more and you didn’t want to regret any more because it hurt, unbearably so. And you know you can never turn the hands back, never see it reversed. You can’t change the error of your ways and that feeling stabs at you again and again. You see pain, but since you are also in pain, you can’t do anything to help.


Remember, when you turned you back on the world of the gods and rejected the return of your peace. You look at their smiles and say, ‘this is peace, I will be happy’ but the clock is ticking and the minutes turn into seconds. In that revelation, you wonder how long you have to live.

Tags: fanfiction, gen, mythical detective loki, oneshot

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