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[TMNT] [oneshot] Tempest

TITLE - Tempest
FANDOM - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (pre-movie
SUMMARY - [Karai-centric] "A leader must choose the right path for their men"
NOTES - I like Karai. Since I didn't know anything about her back story, I made up pretty much everything (then later I read her backstory and felt like an idiot. XD)

The sand was sifting…




…beyond her reach, a child died…




…was the world so dark before?




She never knew…


We found it. His body…it’s over here.


Well done.


She ponders over the stillness of the man, who a few minutes before his death was filled with fire so bright, it blinded all in his path. She never loved him. Not even now, with his head so twisted, the scar dark with nightlight.


Your orders, Karai-dono?


We will take him back to headquarters for now. That is all.


As you wish.


This man…do she miss him? Perhaps just a little. His presence scared her, there was no doubt of that. But he signified some forgotten glory. Or perhaps his death was a life lesson for her and her subordinates? He never cared for them. He didn’t even know their names.


She did.


What are we to do with the body?


An important question.


We’ll burn it.


It was fitting. Fire begets fire.


Tomorrow night.


So soon. Why so soon? There is a tidal wave heading towards us. We have no home and no place to go. How should I lead them?


Must I lead them?




They’re not questioning her authority. They’re well past that. Maybe they can see through her mask? She wouldn’t put it past them. She bled for these men and they have bled for her.


Shredder is dead.


I’ll light it.


And she watches it burn in the distance like a steady candle on water. What did the Hindus call it? A Diya. Hollow and shaped like a flower, it drifted into the darkness of the horizon.


Perhaps, he too, wanted this darkness. Longed for it. Now, it seemed only fitting that he was returning to it in death. The flame guides their eyes to its beauty, the flickering vanishing kind.




It was the leader of the Turtles. Leonardo. She knew of his Bushido, knew that even he would not disturb such a sacred rite.


We need to talk.


Blunt. Normally he was tactful, paying respects and whatnot. But there is a hesitation in his movement that she doesn’t remember. It was odd for a leader to linger.


But then, what was she doing? Lingering over the past like a ghost.


What would Shredder have said?


Shredder was a ghost.


I want to form a truce.


That thought was also in her mind. How should Shredder’s enemies be treated? Should she continue his vendetta until she too becomes ensnared in his hatred? Or should she lead her men into an age of peace? They had suffered enough.


So had she.


We’re hiding. What the Foot Clan does is of no matter of us. Provided they leave my brothers alone.


He says ‘brothers’. He doesn’t include himself. He’s leaving. The signs are there.


But that is out of her hands. She no longer cares for Shredder. He is dead. She is not. And in that one difference, lies her world of possibility. She would follow what she deemed was best for her men. Nothing else matters. Revenge is as fruitless as these lands.


She was tired. So was he.


I trust you to lead your men well.


Trust. She was trusted.




Her men call her back to the pier. The boat has faded beyond their view. The men shuffle their feet for her judgment. They are not scared though, she realizes. Instead their shoulders are straight and proud.


Had she expected anything less from her men?


“My decision is…”


Karai had chosen. Let hell drag her away from it if they think themselves capable.

Karai of the Foot Clan is no longer scared.

Tags: fanfiction, gen, oneshot, tmnt

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