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[boys next door] [oneshot] Half Filled Fantasy

Title - Half Filled Fantasy
Fandom - "Boys Next Door", a three part manga by Kaori Yuki
Pairing - Adrian x Lawrence (duh)
Summary - "Get me a balloon"
Notes - This manga always makes me want to curl up in a corner and die. Just because.

"Adrian, get me a balloon."

The air was warm around them, like a blanket on their shoulders. Lawrence was smiling in his disdainful bored manner. Adrian watched Lawrence stroll, his legs moving up and down, identical to a toy soldier. Lawrence's arms were in his pockets and Adrian could see the thumbs sticking out.

You're dead, Lawrence

"My balloon Adrian?" Lawrence looked back with his half-lidded black eyes, "Where is it?"

Adrian stopped walking. The pavement shimmered underneath his feet and he closed his eyes. The bustle of the open street drummed in his ears like an incessant screech. Sweat was accumulating beneath his collar.

"You're dead Lawrence," Adrian said. He refused to open his eyes. The world would shatter when he did. Too soon. Too late.

"You always say that," Adrian imagined Lawrence pouted.

"It's true," and the pain, the pain was pounding him down, he loosened his tie, "It's true," he pleaded with him.

Pale thin arms tightened around his neck like barbed wire and he heard Lawrence's voice say in a breathless whisper, "Get me a balloon Adrian."

It was too hot, but Lawrence felt cold and icy. Adrian looped his own arms around Lawrence, but he wouldn't open his eyes. The world would break under his feet and there would be no stopping the fall.

"You're dead, you're dead," Adrian chanted.

Now, it was the hands, the creeping long fingers that slid over his face, trembling, filling up the cracks in his face.

"Adrian," and he saw, the unopened smile that crept under his eyelids, "Adrian."

He opened his eyes. And the balloons flew out of his open hand.

Adrian cried.

Tags: adrian/lawrence, boys next door, fanfiction, oneshot, shounen-ai

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