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[fantasy] [original] Caustic - IN PROGRESS

TITLE - Caustic
FANDOM - Original
CHAPTER - Interlude - 03
NOTES - Oh look background! :D

As the author, I’m obligated to explain in a few lines where this story and the amazing main characters are heading, who are the bad guys and what not. Unfortunately, you’ve just picked up a story written by an unconventional writer so tough luck buddy. Of course, I will there to point out things along the way, but for now, let’s just go with the flow shall we? 


“So…what is the general consensus of the villagers we met?” Tim asked as they set out camp about a good distance away from Cerces. They were heading south where the dragon is also headed. Tim unfastened his coat and laid it onto the ground. Nothing good really happens from heading south. It’s a bad omen, he thought to himself, if nothing else, down south is where pirates and savages live.


Sara pulled out of nowhere, a shining sheet of paper and began reading out aloud, “No one in the village has ever seen a dragon. About 25% believe dragons are just stories, about 14% believe that if there was a dragon nearby, they’d all be dead, and the rest declined an answer.”




“They thought I was mad,” Sara said flatly, “Which is why you should have spoken to them instead. You look more acceptable.”


“Well, if you wore a skirt on occasion—,”


“We’re not having this conversation in the middle of the night,” Sara said, dispelling the magic paper and settling onto the ground, “Anyway; it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. Even though you’re really smart and stuck-up, anyone would think you’re crazy if you rave about dragons. They’re stories Tim.”


Tim smirked and lay down onto the ground, “Stories have to come from somewhere,” Tim said gently, “and I will find the origin of these stories.” He closed his eyes and was already in the arms of the Dreamer.


Sara scoffed under her breath. This obsession with dragons went way back, but who didn’t obsess over dragons? They were powerful magical creatures. In this day and age, almost all magic was extinct. Sara has never met another person highly attuned in magic like herself. Even Tim can vaguely sense its presence, but that’s as far as it goes. Sara was the only mage and even her skills were weak at best. What do you expect? There are no teachers to guide you through. She was lucky that she mastered something out of it.


Sara lay down and stared at the sky. Once upon a time, she recalled from the depths of her mind, the stars littered the sky. There were so many of them, all over the dark plain. They were so numerous that slowly, the light became intense. The world grew apprehensive, day and night circles thrown into a loop. Then the Dreamer and his friend the Smith drew out the stars from the sky and fashioned them into a sword and a crown. Then they exchanged the gifts with each other and left this world. Now, there were only four stars in the sky, to point out the four corners of this world. Beyond these borders was the endless black plain and the Dreamer’s body.


She closed her eyes and sighed. Just stories in the end anyway.

I kill for crit. No, I won't kill you for crit.
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