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[fire emblem] [one-shot] Seven Deadly Sins

TITLE - Seven Deadly Sins
FANDOM - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
PAIRINGS - None except hinted Elincia x Geoffrey
NOTES - I enjoyed writing this. Expect vagueness


Seven Deadly Sins


1.     Superbia (pride)


“So that’s it,” he said coldly, “You’re going on your own.”


Ike nodded quietly as he rolled up one of their tactical diagrams.


Soren was trembling. Ike remained silent. Any reaction from him would betray him.


“Fine,” Soren spat out, “I’ll dance on your grave.”


With a quick turn of his heel, he strode out of the tent.


Ike stood there, watching the boy walk away and closed his eyes.


2.     Avaritia (greed)


Reyson smiled, “I-Thank you Naesala.”


Naesala waved his hand flippantly, “Come on, we’re brethren, childhood friends! This is nothing, simply a gesture of friendship.”


The word was churning his stomach.


The next night, Naesala threw a bag of gold into his chest and closed it loudly.


3.     Luxuria (lust)


Elincia kissed his cheek and said in his ear, “Take care Geoffrey.”


Geoffrey bowed stiffly and walked out the castle.


Elincia watched his retreating figure and turned away into the dark.


He never said her name anymore.


4.     Invidia (envy)


“And they kept saying ‘how amazing he is’ and ‘he’s so young’!” Shinon slurred


Ike raised an eyebrow and Shinon continued, “He’s just a snot-nosed whelp. Looks kinda like you. Funny, that is, isn’t it? Everyone looks jus like him. …I need another drink. Bartender!” Shinon barked, “Another one for me and my look-alike friend here!”


Ike sighed and picked up the glass.


“Cheers,” Ike said.


5.     Gula (Gluttony)


He was sick.


He was burning, his body was being torn apart, the claws shredding his robes. He was screaming, screaming and everybody was looking at him and he couldn’t stop screaming and those yellow eyes.


Oh, how they ate him!


6.     Ira (Wrath)


“Don’t touch me!” Reyson snapped at Ike.


The slightest brush made him crawl. They touched him, they killed them, they scarred them and how he hated them! They should have all died! They should all die! They don’t deserve to live! Nothing, nothing, nothing!


And yet, that boy had sad eyes and Reyson was weak to sad eyes.


7.     Acedia (Sloth)


Boyd yawned and rubbed his eyes. He hated night watch and he still ended up doing it despite there being the main leaders of a large army.


Oscar shifted next to him and said, “You can sleep a little you know?”


Boyd opened one eye at him, “Are you kidding?” he murmured and glanced at Rolf who moved slightly to get more comfortable, “I can’t do that.”


Oscar patted Boyd’s head softly, “Go ahead. I’ll cover for you.”


“Nah,” Boyd ruffled Rolf’s head, “I rather stay awake,” and prompted yawned again.


Oscar smiled and put his arm around his brother’s shoulder.


It wasn’t so bad, this war situation.

Tags: fanfiction, fire emblem, gen, oneshot

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