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[fantasy] [original] Caustic - IN PROGRESS

TITLE - Caustic
FANDOM - Original
AUTHOR - paperbackauthor
CHAPTER - Interlude 02

It wasn’t a bad place to live, this little town of Cerces. The people were nice, the roads were paved, the breeze was warm on your face and cats and dogs pretty much walked together side by side. People smiled as you passed by, some even greeting you politely, tipping hats and what not. Even the women and children seemed to be awash with a happiness no one has the words to describe.

It was there that the symptoms grew worse.

“It’s a magic spell,” Sara said, the minute she stepped into the town, “You can feel it everywhere. It’s literally covering the entire town.”

“No wonder I felt nauseous,” Tim grouched, scratching his chin, “Anything else?”


“You’re a wonderful help as always,” Tim grumbled.

“I try,” Sara said sweetly. They stood there in silence, watching the townsfolk move down the streets oblivious to the presence of magic that exuded from all corners of their tiny town. She closed her eyes and tried to find the centre of the spell object used. She could feel its presence, weightless yet drenched in every house and seeping into the skin of every person. She frowned and probed deeper, trying to find the core, the heart of the magic.

Nothing. It was like a body without a soul. The magic was displaced, which suggested that this was a dying spell and someone had left it here before leaving. A rather hazardous thing to do if you consider the tempestuous nature of backfire magic and the absence of a spell object. The only Kind of person who could have done this…

“We found one,” Sara said, unable to hold back the grin in her voice, “Definitely draconian by nature. No other creature can cast a spell without leaving behind a spell object.”

Tim grinned, “Wonderful,” he said tapping her shoulder in appreciation, “Any direction?”


Tim frowned, “Figures. Must make life difficult for us, must they?” he sighed and fastened his coat, “What about removing this spell here?”

Sara shook her head. Tim scowled. Displaced magic was Sara’s speciality, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect anyone else. Magic had this rather scary tendency to go haywire, cause trouble and give itself a bad name. Tim rather liked magic. It was a quick way of making good coffee in the mornings. He took out a large hanker-chief from his pocket and wiped his brow. Really, all this work for nothing and his dragon friend has flown the coop. No matter. Tim has ample amounts of time and patience. Unfortunately, he cannot say the same for his companion which really throws a screw into his plans.

“All right,” Tim conceded, “I suppose we must leave and let these poor souls continue with their happy dream. So let’s—Is that a library?”

And that’s why Tim and Sara were pouring over old dusty books in Cerces.

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