[code geass] we grew so far apart

[TMNT] [oneshot] Tempest

TITLE - Tempest
FANDOM - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (pre-movie
SUMMARY - [Karai-centric] "A leader must choose the right path for their men"
NOTES - I like Karai. Since I didn't know anything about her back story, I made up pretty much everything (then later I read her backstory and felt like an idiot. XD)

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[fire emblem] try me...if you can

[kingdom hearts] [oneshot] A Thousand Year Corridor

Title - A Thousand Year Corridor
Fandom - Kingdom Hearts
Pairing - Cloud x Leon
Rating - G
Summary - They knew each other by name, but never did they meet.
Notes - AU. Another one of those fics I dreamt about. Warning for literary vagueness. I also shamelessly stole the title from a Gundam Seed doujinshi.

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I always liked the idea of saying something at the right time. This little ficlet was an illustration to that idea.